Sunday, 19 June 2011

Chores & Underlings: Drudgery

Question 1. I really need kids to pitch in (write in reason of choice: single parent, busy schedule, ailing parents, demanding job, kids waste time, they have to, it’s their turn…)
Answer 1. Uh-hunh. How much of what you do in a day is optional? TV, computer time, re-organizing organized things, cleaning clean things, pampering, socializing…
Question 1.a. I deserve a break.
Answer 1.a. From what?
Question 1.b. From all the drudgery and hard, menial work I do for them –laundry, cleaning, tidying, picking up after them, shopping, cooking…
Answer 1.b. So, because you’re you and the work you do is beneath you, you’re entitled to free labour from ‘not really people’ because that’s what you had kids for: slaves?
Question 1.c. No, no, no! Not at all!! They need to learn to do it and I need a break.
Answer 1.c. Popular answers, but failing to address the issue: the work is beneath you, not them?

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